Monika Kosinska

Cross-Cutting Lead, Economic and Commercial Determinants

Monika Kosinska is global Cross-Cutting Lead on Economic and Commercial Determinants for the World Health Organization. Previously she was Programme Manager, Governance for Health for the WHO Regional Office for Europe which included leadership of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, encompassing 1500 municipalities in the WHO European Region. Before joining the WHO she held senior positions in Brussels-based civil society, including as Secretary General of the European Public Health Alliance (2008-2014); Chair of the EU Health Policy Forum (2008-2014), Chair of the Action for Global Health Network (2008-2010) and Chair of the Civil Society Contact Group (2010-2014), which is the largest umbrella network of civil society globally. She was appointed to the High-Level Group on Administrative Burdens in 2012 advising the European Commission on public health impacts of revisions to EU law, and appointed public health representative in the Expert group to advise the European Commission on EU-US trade talks during the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in 2013. Previously she worked in the private sector internationally, as well as for the UK Department of Health and UK National Health Service. She started her career in local government, working for the metropolitan municipality of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.


Geopolitical Puppeteers: Identifying the Roles of Hidden Actors Shaping the Commercial Determinants of Global Health

09.00 - 10.00 (BKK)