Geopolitics, Human Security and Health Equity in an Era of Polycrises

Geopolitics, often overlooked in the realm of global health, holds significant influence over the way we understand, address, and overcome health challenges. By shifting our focus towards geopolitics, we can better comprehend the forces that shape the economic, social, and physical landscapes affecting the health of all individuals. This includes a critical examination of international governance mechanisms such as the United Nations and Bretton Woods institutions. Recent years have witnessed a renewed focus on persistent inequalities in influence, resources, and health, shedding light on historical injustices such as colonialism and imperialism. 

The PMAC 2024 aims to explore the impact of geopolitics on global health since World War II, adopting a historical perspective, and deliberate on how these influences can be contested or mitigated as we strive to create a fairer and more equitable world in the face of polycrises.

This year, there are three main sub-themes for the PMAC 2024, including:

Sub-Theme 1

Global Governance for Health
(and Global Health Governance)

Sub-Theme 2

Geopolitical Puppeteers: Identifying the Roles of Hidden Actors Shaping the Commercial Determinants of Global Health

Sub-Theme 3

Reimagining Global Health: Decolonization of Global Health Governance