Bungon Ritthipakdee

Executive Director
Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control

She is executive director of GGTC and Senior Advisor of SEATCA. She is a founder of Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance or SEATCA, the regional network for tobacco control in ASEAN countries. As the executive director since its inception in 2001 till 2018, she embodies the essence of drive and commitment, her profound leadership and innovative approach bolster the Alliance’s mission of prioritizing public health over profits. Under her leadership, SEATCA has established the greater cooperation between government and civil society as well as researchers and advocates to advance tobacco control policy in ASEAN countries. In 2017, she founded the Global Center for Good Governance on Tobacco Control (GGTC), aiming to promote good governance and fight against tobacco industry interference. Ms.Ritthiphakdee, as the executive director and her team at GGTC are committed to shedding light on the shadows cast by the tobacco industry. Through research, education, and policy development, they courageously expose deceptive strategies, counter misinformation, and challenge corporate influence. She was distinguished by the World Health Organization, claiming the esteemed World No Tobacco Day award for her unwavering commitment in 2001. Later in 2006, she was a recipient of the prestigious Luther Terry Award for Outstanding Individual Leadership.


Geopolitical Puppeteers: Identifying the Roles of Hidden Actors Shaping the Commercial Determinants of Global Health

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