Naomi Tulay Solanke

Founder and Executive Director

Naomi Tulay-Solanke is a trailblazing feminist, dedicated human rights activist, compassionate humanitarian, and the distinguished Founder and Executive Director of the Community Healthcare Initiative (CHI). CHI is a prominent non-governmental organization that has steadfastly delivered healthcare and social services to women and children in underserved and remote communities in Liberia since 2014. Naomi has meticulously cultivated a career centered on female advocacy, demonstrating a profound commitment to working with underprivileged youths and slum dwellers. Her multi-faceted approach encompasses advocacy, empowerment, awareness, and the provision of essential health and social services, with an unwavering focus on women and girls. Driven by her passion for elevating the voices and roles of local actors in development processes, Naomi actively engages at all levels to decolonize health and the aid sectors. She holds a master’s degree in Public Health, specializing in Community Health. As an innovative Social Entrepreneur, Naomi spearheaded the PAD4GIRLS project. This groundbreaking initiative addresses menstrual health management by training women and girls to produce reusable sanitary pads locally. This not only makes sanitary pads more accessible but also promotes girls’ retention in school during their menstrual cycle, empowering them to thrive, learn, and lead. Naomi and her team also pioneered the first Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) clinic on wheels in Liberia. This initiative advances access to family planning contraceptives, condoms, and safe and legal abortion services, ensuring women and girls have autonomy over their bodies. Honored as a Dr. Fritz Raleigh Humanitarian Award Recipient from Harvard University in 2017, Naomi’s contributions have been recognized globally. She is an esteemed ASPEN New Voice Fellow and an ASHOKA Fellow, marking her as a change-maker in her field. Naomi serves as a Sanitation Hygiene Fund board member, further solidifying her commitment to public health and advocacy.


Geopolitics, Human Security and Health Equity in an Era of Polycrises

10.15 - 11.30 (BKK)


Understanding the Role of Gender and Sexuality in Global Health Inequalities: Addressing Biases and Promoting Inclusivity

15.00 - 17.00 (BKK)