Pipit Aneaknithi


Pipit Aneaknithi, a seasoned banker with a background in pharmacy, has been steering ‎KASIKORNBANK since January 2017. His illustrious career saw him at the forefront of the World Business ‎Division, orchestrating the bank's regional expansion into China, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. A key accomplishment during this tenure was laying the foundation for ‎KASIKORNBANK to emerge as a regional powerhouse in AEC+3 countries. This strategic move not only supported Southeast Asia's burgeoning trade and ‎investment activities but also positioned the bank as a significant player on both physical and virtual fronts. ‎ Boasting over two decades of professional experience, Pipit brings a wealth of expertise in capital markets, project ‎financing, credit and risk management, as well as corporate, SME, and retail banking. Joining KASIKORNBANK amid the Asian Financial Crisis in the 1990s, Pipit played a pivotal role in steering the bank through post-crisis organizational transformations. His proactive approach extended to pioneering innovative business models for corporate and retail customers, introducing strategic measures that reshaped the bank's blueprint and ensured business sustainability. ‎ Notably, Pipit is actively leading KASIKORNBANK's sustainability efforts, steering the organization toward a net-zero future. Recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility, he has championed initiatives to integrate sustainable practices across the bank's operations. This includes a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint, implementing eco-friendly policies, and aligning the institution with global efforts to combat climate change. His vision goes beyond traditional banking, focusing on the bank's role in fostering a low-carbon economy.‎ Currently, Pipit is also spearheading the bank's comprehensive digitalization efforts and leading the charge in redefining banking experiences for the future. He is actively engaged in organizational and talent readiness, ensuring the bank is at the forefront of technological advancements. Committed to positioning the bank for long-term growth in the digital and low-carbon economy, Pipit is driving initiatives to stay ahead of the curve. ‎ Pipit earned his MBA from FH Pforzheim in Germany and the University of ‎Brighton in the United Kingdom. In addition to his role at KASIKORNBANK, he serves as Chairman of the Board ‎of KBank (China) and the KASIKORN Research Center.


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