Zahra Al Hilaly

Oaktree Australia

Zahra (a first-generation Australian from a Palestinian and Iraqi family) is the CEO of Oaktree Australia, the nation's largest youth-led organisation, working to empower young leaders in the Asia and the Pacific region. Zahra is also the Chairperson of the WA Government Youth Council representing 600,000 young people in policymaking. She is a Duke University- Faith for Our Planet Fellow working on the intersection of Islam and climate justice strategies. Zahra’s work in gender equality has extended globally where she is currently part of the UN Women 30 for 2030 cohort, and has previously sat on the board group representing global youth at the Generational Equality Youth Forum, where 40 billion dollars for gender equality was pledged. Zahra's work has been published by Vogue, Gucci, and Al Jazeera for being a visionary in peace and security. Zahra is also board director for Missing Perspectives and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. In 2023 she was named the Australian Women in Excellence Recipient.


Reservoir for Change Making: Youth and The Geopolitics of Planetary Health

14.00 - 16.00 (BKK)


Decolonizing Institutions and Governance – Moving from Rhetoric to Reform?

15.00 - 17.00 (BKK)