Maria Mison

Spiritual Guide
and Community Advocate

Maria Mison since 2016, has been initiated into indigenous-folk healing practices by the matrilineal line of her grandmother, who also practiced catholic folk-techniques to pray for and guide her community to wellness and faith. Maria practices, a non-sectarian version of what her lineage has taught her, preferring to translate this ancestral wisdom for the urban context, and cross-culturally for clients and communities belonging to different sects, faiths and contexts. Maria Mison is also a multi-disciplinary artist from Quezon City, Philippines with a focus on transcendent play for healing and education. Their experience ranges from theater (Philippine Educational Theater Association) to game pedagogy, with extensive experience in indie story-game design, essentially gaming the way shamans (or say, psychotherapy) simultaneously teach and guide one to one’s own discovery and healing. They’ve been published in multiple titles as a “lyric” game designer, and also works as an independent artist engaged in several dance communities, ranging from contemporary indigenous (Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino), somatic healing to afro-latin social dances. Currently, Maria has been focusing on keeping integrated spiritual practices legible and accessible especially for neuro-divergent, younger and “modern” populations, who can be typically misdiagnosed as having psychotic breaks/“possessed” when undergoing through energetic changes or spiritual initiations of the body. Holistic models of medicine, that include traditional medicine in the likes of Chinese and Ayuverdic, are more synergistic to filipino local beliefs and cultures of spirituality, land affinity, and community healing (Eg: hilot, lamig, magtawas etc.) Continued acknowledgement and collaboration between healing cultures, local and “conventional” is crucial, to leverage the already existing wisdom and capacities of local populations. In many ways, us local healers are systematically discredited and deprioritized by conventional medicine and more “modern” filipinos. For a truly integrated and equitable future, we need every people’s full capacity and wholeness, so we can face any crisis not from a place of panic but reclamation, richness and wisdom being practiced and truly known.


Decolonizing Knowledge Production and Utilization

15.00 - 17.00 (BKK)