Site 3
Harmony and Peaceful Land between Local and Migrants to Sustain Economic and Equitable Health Accessibility

LOCATION : Samut Sakhon Province
Date : 24 January 2024

Samut Sakhon Province is in the central region, which is 30 kilometers from Bangkok and 2 kilometers away from the sea. It is renowned as the center for the production and processing of fisheries and agricultural products.  There are 9,578 factories and a total working-age population of approximately 996,349 persons, including 253,934 migrant workers, which is composed of Myanmar, Cambodian, Laotian, and others. It highlights how this province influences the economy of Thailand. Therefore, harmony peaceful living, and resource allocation between local people and migrants in the province are challenges.

To ensure national and health security, there are laws and regulations for monitoring and controlling migrants to work and live in Thailand. Health insurance and health services for migrant workers are also provided. During the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020, the province was faced with a COVID-19 outbreak among migrant workers in a seafood market. The province recovered by using a whole-of-society approach to respond to the outbreak. It is led by the Samut Sakhon governor and local public health authorities with support from seafood entrepreneurs, Thais, migrant workers, and all communities. This important lesson reflects that effective collaboration between health and all non-health sectors is crucial. To deal with crises, political commitment and the well-being of all people are essential beyond geopolitics that is geographical dimensions of power. Therefore, this site visit will focus on the effective strategies of the Samut Sakhon governor and local authorities to manage local Thais and migrants to promote peaceful lives and ensure equity education opportunities and health accessibility. The effects of a whole-of-society approach will be focused on supporting “leave no one behind” policies.

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