Side Meetings


The Path Forward: Managing Risks and Mitigating Hazards along the Pathogen Value Chain


  • 09:00 - 12:30 HRS. (BKK)

  • Venue : Lotus Suite 2

  • Contact Person : David Harper,

  • Chatham House
  • University Research Co
  • FAO
  • Pasteur Institute

Many safety concerns surrounding pathogen research arise from the possibilitly of spillover of bacteria and viruses because of poor biosafety and biosecurity (BSS) along the whole pathogen value chain (PVC), from field collection of samples through laboratories to biobanking and waste disposal. Improving oversight and BSS measures across the PVC requires innovative approaches, including robust BS&S protocols, global cooperation and collaboration, transparency and governance. 

1.  Review progress made in further clarifying and elevating the topic of "managing risk and mitigating hazards in the handling of high risk biologic materials" since the inaugural discussion of this topic held at a Side Meeting at PMAC23 - including the discussion of two related papers in press 

2.  Explore upcoming international meetings and other events that represent opportunities for further promotion of this agenda

3.  Consider next steps and a path forward