Side Meetings


Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program (PMAYP) Conference 2024


  • 08:00 - 12:30 HRS. (BKK)

  • Venue : Lotus Suite 5-7, FL. 22

  • Contact Person : Pattarawala Talungchit,

  • Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program, Prince Mahidol Award Foundation under the Royal Patronage

The primary goals of the Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program are to inspire young doctors to dedicate their careers to improving global health and to nurture the next generation of health scientists. This is achieved through collaboration between the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation and medical and health institutions in Thailand and abroad.

The Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program Conference serves as a companion event to the Prince Mahidol Award Conference. This larger conference is organized in partnership with the Royal Thai Government, the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation, and various international organizations, foundations, and civil society groups with shared interests.

The Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program Conference was created to offer a platform for participants to share knowledge and experiences with both current PMAYP scholars and program alumni, along with their mentors from Thailand and around the world. At the upcoming PMAY conference, seven young physician scholars will showcase the work and insights they've gained during their year-long training in esteemed institutions under the guidance of their mentors. The conference will encompass a diverse array of engaging topics, such as biomarkers, epigenetics, and public health.